You may have recently taken notice of a cool, 1960s-era metal novelty sign at a thrift store and thought to yourself, “Man— that would look awesome in my den if I could figure out a way to spruce it up.” 


There are some questions you might want to ask yourself the next time you’re in a situation like this. First, do you really want to make this item look brand new? And two, how much time and energy will it realistically take to refinish this piece to pristine condition? 


So one of the first things you’ll want to consider with metal furniture is whether you really want to remove that rugged, rusty look. A lot of the charm of old pieces comes from the fact that they look that way— what with the “industrial look” being a very in aesthetic for home design. This is especially true for hot items like old candlesticks, metal lighting, iron beds, etc. 


On the other hand, it is likely you’ll come across a unique metal piece that you just have to have, but that’ll need some real TLC in order to be placed anywhere around the house. You definitely wouldn’t want to add a shabby piece to your interior design if your overall aesthetic is sleek and modern, would you? 


This is where we recommend you take your antique metal piece to professionals (like us here at Metal Revival in Gardena, CA) who can sandblast and powder coat its surface to a beautiful, pristine finish. 


Read more about the processes of sandblasting and powder coating, and contact us with any questions you might have about metal restoration.