If you want to know “how do sandblasters work?” you must first grasp the technology that powers blast equipment. The technique used to energize or propel the blast media is a key feature that distinguishes sandblasting equipment kinds. Blast machines project abrasives or media using pneumatic, air pressure, or a wheel.


Among the pneumatic propulsion technologies used by blast machines to clean, peen, or change surfaces are:


Air or Dry Blast Equipment – Compressed air is used to move the blast media in air abrasive blasting or dry blasting equipment. Suction and direct pressure pneumatic or compressed air blast systems are the two types.


Suction or Siphon Blasting Equipment – Suction blasters or blast cabinets use the venturi siphon action to force an abrasive into a pressurized stream of fluid, air, or water.


Venturi devices create a pressure differential or vacuum by constricting a moving stream of fluid. At the constriction, blast media is pulled into the air or water stream.


Venturi devices are used in a variety of sectors. Venturi generators provide a vacuum for mechanical holding purposes. In the chemical process industries, ejectors and eductors transport fluids, powders, or solids.


Pressure blast systems are more expensive than suction blast cabinets or portable siphon blasting pots. Suction sandblasters are common in low-cost blasters. They do not require a pressure vessel and use half the amount of compressed air that pressure blast cabinets do. Suction blasters, on the other hand, require higher air pressure levels to maintain media flow.


Suction blast cabinets are less forceful and require more time to clean. Suction blasters are frequently employed in short-run or light manufacturing, maintenance, and distant field applications.


Suction or siphon blasters take longer to strip or clean parts because they are less forceful. The decreased aggressiveness, on the other hand, minimizes the wear rate of the parts within a suction blaster. Suction blasters have a longer lifespan, which minimizes blast equipment maintenance expenses.


Small portable sandblasters can have a cup above the blast cannon to gravity feed into the venturi point of the blast gun. Because gravity-fed blast weapons still use the venturi siphon effect, gravity blasters are a sort of suction blaster.