Our Process

Metal Revival

Metal Restoration

Our projects always start with an evaluation and cleaning. The cleaning process will give an excellent surface to bind new sealants and powder coats.

7 hour Lo-temp heat stripping

Environmentally safe burn-off. We strip your metal from any coating, grease, oil, plastic dip, cement, bed-liner and much more. Low-Temp Heat strips away all buildup without damaging your metal leaving your parts clean from contaminants and being able to be reuse your metal for years, instead of replacement it. Save money, time and headache of replacement parts. Environmentally Safe and Approved by AQMD (Air Quality Management Department).

Clean the ash from Stripping via Sandblasting

Not all parts need burn-off! Sand Blasting at times gives the surface a slightly textured profile making the substrate perfect for bonding to powder coating. – we don’t use harsh chemicals like silica or steel shot– only top of the line abrasives are used like mineral and sand abrasives that give best results. Sandblasting doesn’t damage the metal or ruin any detailing when its done correctly.


Is the most essential part of the process. Sanding any burrs or sharp edges. Masking any shafts and plugging any threads where powder is not wanted providing a smooth transition to getting any part to assembly hassle free.

Hang on Rack

Racking your parts without noticeable marks is always essential.

Powder Coating Booth for electrostatic application

Equipment used for application is always top of the line here at Metal RevivAll. Only using Nordson electrostatic powder coating guns to give the metal the cleanest look possible.

Oven Curing

Curing time varies and is dependent on gauge of metal. No short cuts or under curing, we do a custom cure to all parts processed in our oven.